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Congratulations 2010 Age-Outs!

The Crossmen Alumni Association would like to congratulate the twenty extraordinary young men and women who are aging-out of the Crossmen this weekend at the DCI World Championship events in Indianapolis: Rolando Alvarez - Trumpet, Jack Baker - Snare, Travis Canady - Euphonium, Kipp Chesnutt - Tenor, Eugenio Castellanos - Tuba, Michael Devault - Tuba, Luke Everhart - Guard, John Marc Forte - Tenor, Kyle Gunlefinger - Trumpet, Jonathan Hernandez - Guard, Tyler Hines - Euphonium, Tim Kurtz - Mellophone, Marc Montelongo - Pit, Jake Peralez - Snare, Blair Pickett - Guard, Conner Pickle - Pit, Danielle Reedy - Guard, Alexander Smith - Guard, Matt Valentine - Trumpet, Charlie Wood - Trumpet. Thank you for all your years of service and dedication to the corps! Welcome to the ranks of the Crossmen Alumni!


Alumni Homecoming An Event To Remember

Every year at DCI East, Crossmen alumni from all over gather in the park outside J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown to reconnect, say hello to old friends, and make new ones. This year also marked the first time the Crossmen Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place in the park, which drew even more alumni to the event, as well as a special appearance from the 2010 Crossmen themselves. The entire afternoon was filled with a strong sense of fun and family. Those in attendance would agree, it was a day that many will remember and cherish for a very long time. Read more...

A New Tradition Begins

At DCI East on Saturday, August 7, 2010, a new Crossmen tradition was born. With help from the Crossmen Alumni Association, 2010 Crossmen drum major Mike Roche took the field for the retreat ceremony dressed in an authentic 1978 Crossmen uniform to the delight of current members and alumni alike. Afterwards, it must have taken Mike fifteen minutes to exit the stadium, as he was swarmed like a rock star with so many fans, members, and alumni who wanted to take pictures of him and with him. In relating his feelings after the show, Mike stated, "That was a life-changing experience!" It was announced that every year the corps returns to Allentown and DCI East, this tradition will continue. Congratulations, Mike! You wore the uniform well and did your corps and your alumni proud! The CAA would like to extend our very best wishes for a happy, safe, and successful end of the season to the 2010 Crossmen.

Coming Full Circle

For 35 years, thousands of people have called the Crossmen "home." With alumni ranging from 44 states and 7 countries, the history of the Crossmen represents a truly unique tapestry of people and personalities. And while the geographic home of the Crossmen has migrated from the northeast's Lehigh and Delaware Valley to the land of the Alamo in the Lone Star State, the connection to the Spirit of the Crossmen has remained intact and stronger than ever for the dedicated performers who wear the Cross each year. Meet some members of the 2010 Crossmen and hear their stories of shared experiences and family that Crossmen alumni from all generations can identify with. Join the Crossmen Alumni Association TODAY! Join Club Unity TODAY!

'09 Cymbal Line Visits 507

The 2009 Crossmen cymbal line recently spent a week in Atlantic City gearing up for their move-in with the full corps on May 29th. On their way, they visited some of the old Bones stomping grounds, including Boeing Beach and the 507th American Legion Post as a way to "connect with the past." Special thanks to cymbal tech Jack Borland for submitting this photo for our website, and best of luck to the cymbal line and the entire corps this summer! For more information on the 2009 Crossmen tour schedule, click here.