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Registration Ends December 1st 2022

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our mission

 The Primary mission of the Crossmen Alumni Association is the development of charitable contributions exclusively for the benefit of Crossmen Productions

Our secondary mission is the social interaction of Crossmen Alumni. All former marching members, administration, volunteers and instructional staff to support and preserve the heritage of the Crossmen. In 2017 we welcomed the Crossmem Winds to the Association. 

Membership in the Crossmen Alumni Association is restricted to marching, administrative, volunteer and instructional alumni of the corps.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP can get you directly involved in of our efforts.

All membership dues go directly into our General Fund, which help make our yearly fundraising events the best they can be, as well as allowING us to purchase much needed items for the WORLD CLASS corps. The more alumni we can get involved, the better equipped we'll be to accomplish our mission.


As always, we encourage your involvement.  We are not looking for a few people to do everything...we are looking for as many people as possible to do something.


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