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Questions can be submitted via the CONTACT page above.

Crossmen Alumni Corps FAQ Sheet 

Updated 2/6/24 after corps meeting 

Administrative Update 


- A full schedule has been posted to the General Info google classroom for West  Chester, San Antonio, Allentown and Indy. Specifics may change but the general  framework will not. 


- You will need to purchase tickets for Saturday night in Indy. Please buy your  tickets through the Crossmen, as the corps will profit from those ticket sales. 

- If you have family or friends coming to watch us perform on Friday night in Indy,  your family will need to purchase tickets as well. 

Bus to Indy 

- Buses back and forth from the east coast to Indy. We need to reach 160 seats,  between the 2 trips to justify running two buses. (for example, if we are full going  to Indy at 108, then we will need 52 to come home) Sign-ups will be posted in the  next week or two on the general info google classroom and a reminder will be  posted to Facebook as well when the sign up’s are live. You will have to sign up  for each direction (to and from Indy). Bus is $125.00 each way. We are looking  into taking two buses out and only one home. If we can’t do that and can only  take one bus, only the first 54 people who signed up and paid will be allowed to  take the bus. 

Tuition Payments 

- Third payment will be due at the end of February. 

- Fourth payment (due in May) will be a la carte. If you are providing certain brass  instruments, you will get a deduction on your tuition. 

- There will be a system where you log in to Ultra Camp, and you look for the  session that makes the most sense for you. (Ex. Colorguard 4th payment, brass  4th payment not providing instrument, brass 4th payment bringing tuba, etc.) 

- Also a la carte will be the hotel payments. There will be a section labeled hotel in  Indy. If you want your own room OR if your family is coming and will be with you  in a room, you will need to upgrade to 1 person in the room (1 paid crossmen  alumni member in the room). 

- 1 paid member per room= $720.00/ own room for the full week. 

- 2 paid members per room= each person pays $240. There will be a spot to list  your roommate. 

- 3 paid members per room= each person pays $80. There will be two spots to list  your roommates. 

- 4 paid members per room= NO additional cost but you still must go on and select  4 paid members per room and list your roommates. 

Camps (Allentown/San Antonio) 

- The San Antonio camp and the Allentown camp will be two separate payments on Ultra  Camp when they are made available. You are required to do one camp, but you are  encouraged to do both. The camp cost is $150 for each. 

- Rehearsal facilities are in process for those two camps. DCI assigns rehearsal facilities  so we are waiting on a response from them. We requested to be close to where the  Crossmen are rehearsing. 

- We will be looking into hosting another WCU camp in May. 

Hotel Block in Indy 

- The hotel block that was posted in the google classroom is for friends and family who will  be staying at the hotel. This block is in our same hotel. 


- $126/ per night + fees. 

- This is NOT for Crossmen Alumni Members. Our hotel rooms are already taken care of.  This hotel block is for friends and family. 

- Hotel rooms for the hotel are Monday through Saturday in Indy. 

- Breakfast will be provided in a ballroom at the hotel for performers and any friends or  family that are staying in a paid member room.  

- Breakfast is not provided for anyone booking a room through the block link above, but  there is a restaurant in the hotel. 

- Roommate Hunting List: There will be a post in the Google Classroom where people can  go and connect with others to find a roommate if you are looking to save some money  and have 4 to a room. Admin will not assign roommates, so you must find your own  roommates. 

Southwest Airline x Crossmen Partnership 

- Southwest Airlines has teamed up with Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps to offer a  discount when Crossmen have 25 or more people flying to a particular place, Southwest 

will offer a code for individuals to get a discount on their flights. The discount is nominal  (something around 10%) but you will get additional mileage points for Rapid Rewards.  The corps also receives mileage points for anyone who uses that code, allowing them to  fly their staff to camps in the future using those points. A poll was conducted during the  last zoom meeting, and Denita will be working on getting us that special discount code. 

Safe Sport 

- Previously we were under the understanding that we would be using Crossmen’s unique  code for the safe sport course. However, DCI is cracking down and making sure that  every corps is compliant. As a result, the Crossmen Alumni Corps will be receiving their  own code separate from the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps. 

- If you’ve already taken Safe Sport, there will be a way you can upload your certification  to Ultra Camp. 

- Once we receive the unique code from DCI, we will be notified via the google  classrooms. Hoping to get the unique code from DCI this month. 


- West Chester: looking for local people to help serve lunch at the WCU camp on  Saturday, February 24th. Tentatively lunch is scheduled for 12pm. Please contact Mary  Litzenberg at

- San Antionio/Allentown: looking for local people to help serve lunch at the San Antonio  and Allentown camps. We will need a lot of hands at these two camps since there will be  a lot more people and more meals than just lunch. 

- Uniform Volunteers: Need help fitting uniforms. No sewing experience required.  

- If you have anyone interested in volunteering for any of the above events, please contact  Mary Litzenberg at


- The Crossmen Alumni Corps will use all silver finish, 3 valve, standard key marching  horns. 

- We will not use any G bugles. 

- Please let your section leader know ASAP if you have an instrument that fits that  criteria for the performance. 

- If you have any contacts for anyone who would be interested in donating instruments for  the performance, please contact Rob Levengood ASAP at

- We will be getting tubas from West Chester University. 

- The WCU camp will have extra horns (everything but trumpets) available. - Participants providing their own horn will receive the following discounts:

Trumpets: $50 dues deduction 

Mellophones: $75 dues deduction 

Baritones/Euphoniums: $100 dues deduction 

Tubas: $125 dues deduction. 


- There will be an app so that we can provide measurements for corps uniforms. All  members, admin and paying volunteers will use this. 

- Colorguard will be using the same app for the alumni jacket that is part of the corps  proper uniform. More information coming on guard measurements for guard uniforms. 

- Please be honest with your height/weight as the app helps predict measurements. 

- If you have any uniform questions, please email Patricia Kauffman at


- There will be one more alumni corps merchandise sale in the spring. 

- Belt bag/fanny packs and bucket hats will be available. 

- If there is specific merchandise you are looking for (or if you’re wanting a repeat of  something offered previously), please reach out to Sharon Washick at


- Each person will be required to submit a medical form. DCI is crafting a form that will be  provided to each corps. We are expecting to have the form soon. 

- If we do not have that form from DCI before the WCU camp, there will be a generic form  distributed to the WCU camp attendees. 

- No medical form, no rehearsal. Keep checking back and get your form in before the  WCU camp. 


- Once medical forms are made available, they will be posted on Ultra Camp for you to fill  out. The deadline for everyone for medical forms is April 1st. 

- Start walking and getting stronger. Drink liquid IV. Bring water to rehearsals. 

- Compression socks are highly suggested! They come in different sizes. If you can put  the socks on like a regular sock, they will not help you. They need to be tight. Medical  supply companies will have them. 

- For medical questions please reach out to Karen Wire at

Banquet in Indy 

- The banquet will be on Saturday in Indy after we perform. If you are a paid member, you  automatically get a ticket to the banquet. 

- In the spring we will have an order form to purchase extra tickets for friends and family  and other alumni that aren’t a part of the alumni corps. These tickets will be $60. 

- If you have any special memorabilia you want to display that day, please bring it to Indy.  Make sure its labeled with your name. It will be taken care of and will be returned to you. 

- We will need some volunteers for set-up for the banquet! If you are willing to help,  please contact Terry Fields at


- We have had massive problems with emails going to spam boxes or emails just not  being opened.  

- Please add to your contact list. 

- If you have members who are not in the google classroom list or are not engaged in  what is happening with the alumni corps, please reach out to them and encourage them  to join the google classroom. If they have a preferred email address that is not what they  registered with, please reach out to Don and he can adjust this on our email database. 

- Allentown/San Antonio schedules will be updated on the alumni website once received. Google Classroom Links 

- Below you will find links to the various Google classrooms we will be using throughout  your time in the Crossmen Alumni Corps. 

You will see a classroom for both the overall Caption and your particular section in it. Please register for both. 

To access this on your phone, please download the google classroom app. usp=sharing&ouid=117947134107146889636&rtpof=true&sd=true 

If you need help getting into any classroom, reach out to Denita at for assistance. 

Q: What other rehearsals will we have besides the 2 camps (choose 1) and Indy?
A:  Virtual rehearsals will start sometime this fall/winter.  You’ll be assigned to a section leader who will keep you on task to get everything learned before the first camp.  This may involve group lessons, individual video submissions, face time calls, etc.  There will be encouragement to “get into shape” to be ready for the long days of rehearsal.  Don’t worry, no tests or grades or public viewings of any individual submissions! Just a way to keep everyone on track!


Q:  What about housing for SA and Allentown?
A:  We are working on getting dorms or something along those lines for folks from out of town to stay in cheaper than a hotel.  It may be a while before we know exactly what we’ll have available.  We will be encouraging those that live near either place to house others, and giving folks the option to group up and get hotels or airbnbs if necessary.  We will have more information on that as it comes available.  


Q:    Do I have to have been a member of the Crossmen to participate?

A:    The following are the requirements for participation:

  1. Was a Marching Member of the Crossmen.

  2. Was a staff/admin member of the Crossmen.

  3. Was a member of the “Play in the Park” program in Allentown.


Q.    Are there other ways to participate?

A.    Yes!!! We will need a team of volunteers to assist with many roles when we have in-person rehearsals with things like, food assistance, registration, uniforms & equipment, first aid, and others as they come up. The support team costs will be similar to a performing member (minus the uniform expenses) and will include all meals, hotels, and transportation. 


Q.    Are fees refundable?

A.    Unfortunately, NO. We need to count on the commitment. The funds are allocated to your seat on the bus, your uniform, and your dot on the field. 


 Q.    Do we have to attend the San Antonio and/or Allentown rehearsals? 

A.    Yes - Mandatory attendance at ONE of those will be required. The cost will be $150. Performers may also choose to attend both weekends.


Q.    Are the dates in Indy Mandatory?

A.    YES - we have so little time to put this together, that every minute as a corps is crucial. We need to be together and not have rehearsal attendance issues due to people not arriving on time. All participants are required to use the designated hotel and whatever option of people per room that you choose. 


Q.    Does the fee include event shirts, gloves, alumni jackets, memorabilia, etc., for this group? 

A.   A performance shirt will be included. We will obtain your shirt size at a later date. Expect to purchase undergarments, shorts, and whatever is needed to perform, other than the performance shirt and uniform. Information about shoes will come at a later date.


Q.     Do we get to keep our uniforms after the performance?

A.    Yes! It is yours! 


Q.    Is there any financial assistance available?

A.    Yes - members and fans can donate funds to assist members who might need financial help. This will be done discreetly. Please contact Tim Stephenson for information.


Q.     How will we learn what we need to learn?

A.    There are many levels to this answer:

  1. We will utilize Google Classroom for meetings, assignments, and instruction up to Summer of 2024.

  2. Sections will be encouraged to schedule gatherings for live rehearsal opportunities in the various regions.

  3. We will be using the UDB - Ultimate Drill Book - for learning drill. This can be done on any field to learn dots: step sizes, direction changes, and counts. It would be great if people could meet at a school football field or parking lot and  have some fun learning their show together. 

  4. Guard work videos will be sent out to learn the show. Again, getting together to define hand positions, body work, and terminology from five different decades will be important. Try and find time to spin with your guard friends!

  5. The expectation will be that all music, dots, and equipment work will be learned BEFORE The San Antonio and Allentown weekends. 


Q.    How will parts/sections be assigned?

A.    A variety of ways:

  1. There will be video assignments for basic skills as well as a questionnaire of where you think you are starting from. 

  2. The staff will assign the positions after step 1 is completed.

  3. Section leaders will monitor level of performance once the assignments are turned in. Parts may be changed at the discretion of staff at any time.


Q.    What if I am physically limited in what I can do?

A.    If you want to be involved, we want you there! We are offering an honor guard section, and we are hoping to create drill segments that are at two different levels for each section. Additionally, we will always welcome you as a volunteer. If you have ideas as to how we can include you with a physical limitation, please let us know! 

Q. Can I make monthly payments towards my fees?

A. Yes. We want to make it as easy as possible to meet the financial obligations. The registration portal will provide details regarding payments. 

Q Can I help with administration duties and still be a performing member?
A Yes!

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