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Welcome to the 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Dear Prospective 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps Member,

I want to welcome you to the introduction to the 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps. I'm Rick Reedy, one of the coordinators of the 50th Anniversary project. It was conceived shortly after our Play in the Park project ended in 2018 with Santa Clara's Alumni Corps laying the seed in 2017. With the excitement that was generated around the PITP project I knew we had to make an attempt to put together a corps for our 50th in 2024. The early conversations I had with Anton Romano laid the groundwork. Today along with Denita Stemet, Scott Litzenberg and Anton Romano we are rolling out the information you need and the passage to registration. We are excited to share our involvement with the 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps which started registration on Saturday August 6, 2022. Our desire is to put together an amazing anniversary show that will be iconically Crossmen.

We are including a World Class caliber Design Team with familiar names to arrange and instruct the Alumni Corps. We are now asking you to get on board to bring the next level of entertainment featuring some of Crossmen's signature movements and arrangements. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring you the experience of marching once again and will bring drum corps fans, particularly Crossmen fans to their feet just as when you marched. Do you have what it takes?

If you are ready, we are asking of you to commit to the following:

  • One of Two rehearsal weekends during the summer of 2024.

  • A one week “tour” where you will live the drum corps life kind of the way you knew it all over again, except there are hotels involved, with meals included. Sleeping bags & air mattresses are your call if a bed doesn't suit you. This "tour" will begin the Monday after DCI East just prior to DCI finals or on the bus ride from Allentown.

  • Memorize about 15 minutes of music and to march several minutes of drill.

  • A financial commitment of at least $1000.00, of which half will be due by March of 2023.

  • A drive to be the best you can be in a short window of time and NOT suck. Rehearsals will be productive and focused, similar to your days in the corps, with minimal "one more time", right, of course there will be social events celebrating our achievement in 2024.

In exchange for your efforts we look to offer you:

  • The traditional Friday Night “encore” performance slot for alumni corps at the 2024 DCI Semifinals, prior to the Age out Ceremonies .

  • Performances in San Antonio at the Southwest Championships. (Saturday Night)

  • Performance in Allentown at DCI East (Saturday Night)

  • The opportunity to attend the 50th Crossmen Alumni Luncheon Banquet on the morning of DCI Finals.

  • During your One Week Tour: housing in hotels unlike when you marched with all meals provided starting on Tuesday morning.

  • The entire musical show, ready for you to put your work in at home, as soon as the Design team has signed off on the production.

If you want to be part of “Bones Alumni” showcasing some of Crossmen signature musicality and visual moments in front of one of the largest audiences in the activity, complete the linked form below to officially join us in preparation for the 50th Alumni Corps. We are ready to “take the field” one more time. How about you? Register here!


Rick Reedy, Denita Stemet, Scott Litzenberg, Anton Romano and the rest of our dedicated Admin team.

PS - You are our best recruiters! Please share this letter with those you marched with who share the desire to take the field one more time! Forward this introductory letter to your Bones alumni peers or share the following link, so they can view and register to join us too.

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