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Alumni Corps Brings Back Crossmen Ledgends

The Crossmen Alumni Corps has put together an All-Star cast of arrangers and designers to oversee the Alumni Corps 50th Anniversary performance:

Program Coordinator-Ralph Pace

Staff Coordinator-Bob Yarnell

Brass Design

Frank Dorrittie Matt Krempasky Jerry Kelsey

Battery Design

Thom Hannum Mark Thurston Chris Thompson

Front Ensemble Design

Bob Morrison Chicky Gross

Electronic DesignMark Jacoby

Guard DesignTyler Edgrington

Visual Design

Jeff Sacktig Bobby Jones Eric Kitcheman Ralph Pace Bob Yarnall

With multiple DCI and World Drum Corps Hall of Fame members, this would be a team coveted by any touring corps today. We can't wait to see what this team can put together as we move forward into 2024 and the celebration of the Crossmen's 50 years in DCI.

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