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What's the price of a fantasy?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

For most of us the idea of putting on a Crossmen uniform again was something that probably never crossed our minds in the 10-40 years since we last wore it.

When the Play in the Park idea came around, I had just had the first of what would be 20+ surgeries on my leg, so for me, even just wearing a polo shirt and standing in a semi circle would have tasted sweet.

Just one last time to feel like a Crossmen. Go through the rehearsals, keep getting better, the anticipation of a show day, Warming up, getting ready to go, the first note or flag hit, playing the part you've been struggling with right, and then the applause.

Since I couldn't be there, I got very emotional when I saw the video. I was disappointed, angry for being laid up, and jealous as Hell that I didn't get to be part f it.

I have one piece of advice to give when it comes to this Alumni Corps, if you don't participate, don't watch the video. You'll never forgive yourself.

I know people are looking at the cost and thinking "I can't swing it right now", and I get that. Here's the thing. If you pay the $250 deposit, the next payment isn't for 6 months. If you breakdown $250 over 24 weeks its $10.41 a week. Do you want to let a little over 10 bucks a week keep you from experiencing the joy that we all felt being on that field when we were young, just one more time? Please do not let yourself end up on that August night 2 years from now regretting that you didn't figure out how to set aside $10.41 a week to live that fantasy.

Such a little amount, but a Huge price to pay for regret.


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