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The 2024 Crossmen Alumni Corps will use all silver finish, 3 valve, B-flat marching horns.

This includes: trumpets, mellophones (in F), baritones, and tubas.

We will not use any G-bugles. 

Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps is sponsored by Yamaha and therefore uses Yamaha percussion and brass exclusively. The 2024 Alumni Corps, as an official member of Crossmen Productions, is required to use Yamaha percussion exclusively. To the extent possible and practical, the 2024 Alumni Corps will use brass manufactured by Yamaha.

The cost of outfitting a horn line of that size with 'new' instruments is exorbitant and clearly not practical, therefore we will be looking to our membership to supply as much of the brass line as possible. Many of our participants have their own instruments and/or work with bands where there may be available horns to borrow.

The horn used for Alumni Corps will be required to be of silver finish, 3 valves, a marching instrument, and both have an appearance and quality so as not to 'stand out' from other instruments in the line. This discount will be applied to the final payment. 

For those that provide their own horn, we will provide a financial incentive in the form of a deduction from participation fees.

Participants providing an instrument will have the following discount*: 

  • Trumpets: $50 dues deduction

  • Mellophones: $75 dues deduction

  • Baritones/Euphoniums: $100 dues deduction 


*One discount per participant

Instrument Policy

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